I'm Rhys Catlin and I record music for bands and artists in Perth, Western Australia.
I'm trying to get as much experience as I can, so if you're interested in recording some stuff hit me up at rhyscatlin@gmail.com .


- Focusrite ISA428 MkII (4 channels)
- 2x Black Lion Audio b12a
- 2x Golden Age Project Pre 73
(plus the 8 preamps in my interface to bring the total to 16 channels)

-M-Audio Profire 2626 (8 channels)
-Focusrite ISA ADC Card (8 Channels)

Software- Pro Tools 8 running on Mac

-1x Electro-Voice RE-20
-1x Rode NT2000
-2x Rode NT5
-2x AKG C214
-1x AKG D112
-1x AGK C4000B
-1x Beyerdynamic M88
-1x Beyerdynamic M201
-1x Sennheiser MD421
-1x Sennheiser e906
-1x Shure Beta 57
-1x Shure SM57
-2x Rode M1 Live Vocal Mics

-MXR M-80 Bass DI
-Custom built Reamp Box and Guitar Signal Splitter

List of Bands I've Recorded
-Fucking Teeth
-Like Junk
-The Disintegrates
-Ermine Coat
-The Silent World
-Little Ships
-Neutral Native
-Max Vickery
Rhys Catlin Recording